Monday, August 8, 2011

Spaghetti Squash

One of my good friends raided her dad's garden for me.  She brought me several bags of fresh produce including 2 spaghetti squash.  We'd never eaten spaghetti squash before and honestly my expectations were very low because I'm not a huge squash fan.  Last night I cooked up one of them and served it with Spaghetti Sauce.

Surprisingly everyone in my family ate this without complaint.  It's not as good as really spaghetti but makes a great healthy alternative.  Once is is doused in spaghetti sauce it doesn't even taste "squashy".

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book Review - Wellness on a Shoestring

Whatever your financial resources the power to improve your health is within you. It's in every choice you make, in every moment. Michelle Robin shows you how to harness your inner voice as you practice seven essential habits for complete well-being. Read stories from real people, at all income levels, who've adopted these practices—using little money—and seen their health dramatically improve. Better yet, follow the tips at the end of each chapter to create a lifestyle that leads to a phenomenal experience of body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Michelle Robin is chief wellness officer and founder of Your Wellness Connection, one of the nation's most successful healing centers, focusing on integrative healing disciplines such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, functional medicine, counseling, nutrition and wellness coaching, and movement arts.

This was a well done book. I didn't come across anything "new" in this book but surprisingly I did agree with everything the author suggested. There is nothing really controversial in this book unless you think all alternative health providers and chiropractors are quacks because there are a few alternative medical suggestions given. There is a Christian feel to this book but it's not preachy or aimed at any specific religion.

The ideas were simple and things most everyone could easily do to improve their health: get more sleep, drink more water, exercise, eat more greens, get enough Omega 3 & Vitamin D, declutter your life, etc. If you a looking for a book that won't overwhelm you but will get you on the right track to living a more healthy life this is a good place to start.  We've already tried to implement all the suggestions in this book but it was a good reminder of a few things I should be doing better.