Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vidalia Chop Wizard Shout Out

Finally an As Seen on TV product that actually lives up the hype!

I absolutely love this new tool. April at the Health for Life cooking class swore by her Vidalia Chop Wizard.

Since we've been eating a lot of vegetables in stir fry and soups lately it seems like I've been endless chopping vegetables. I tried the slap chop and while it is a fun tool and great for small jobs it is too much work to make a huge pot of soup or stir fry. My hand was sore after the last batch of salsa I made with it.

I made a huge amount of stir fry vegetables yesterday and was seriously surprised at how well the Vidalia Chop Wizard worked. I easily chopped twice as many vegetables as I usually do in half he amount of time. So worth the $20 I paid for it!

My only warning is the blades are super sharp. I tried to flick a small piece of vegetable off the blade and sliced my finger. Next time I'll use the tool they included for cleaning off the blades, it worked much better than my finger did.

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