Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fermented Foods - Sauerkraut

I've read tons about the importance of eating fermented foods. I've made homemade yogurt and kefir but my son's doctor wants him off of all dairy. He's on a high quality probiotic to introduce the good bacteria into his system but I want to add them through his diet too. Yesterday I learned how to make sauerkraut.

I've never even eaten sauerkraut! But we are going to try it.

I started out with just one jar.  I had 2 heads of cabbage from bountiful baskets so I used 1 1/2 heads to make a jar of sauerkraut.  It was fairly simple to do.
There are tons of recipes online so I read several of them and then cut the recipe down so I could make just one jar.

All you do is shred the cabbage, add salt and mash it down.  Really simple.

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