Monday, July 11, 2011

Composting + Recycling + Whole Foods = No Trash?

It's garbage day tomorrow. I just went to take our garbage out to the street and it was empty.  There was one bag of garbage in the kitchen trash can that I put in the bin and took out.  Our recycle bin on the other hand is overflowing and it is not even pick up week for recycling. Recycling is only picked up every other week.  We used to fill 2 full garbage cans every week.  I think we would do better now with recycle pick up weekly and trash pick up every other week.

Utah is not the "greenest" state, at least not down south. You have to pay for curbside recycling. Thankfully it's not that expensive so I finally broke down and signed up for pickup. It makes it so I actually recycle. It is just too much work to haul it all to the recycle bins by the grocery store so I never did it.

All the kitchen scraps are going in to the compost bin and all the cardboard, plastic, cans, paper, etc. are going into the recycle so that leaves very little to go in the actual garbage can.  Since we're not eating much processed food we have very little that is actual trash.

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  1. Recycling is the way to go, be sure to recycle oil renderings and waste vegetable oil in wvo recycling containers.