Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Day Gone By... Meals & Azure Standard

Today's meals:
Breakfast was oatmeal with honey &/or green smoothies
Lunch was left over stew & salad with sprouts
Dinner was beef stir fry served over quinoa & rice
Snacks were fresh fruit, bread and non-dairy chocolate frosties

It was almost all "whole food" and everyone got lots of "raw" food so overall I'd say it was a good day.   Once again it felt like I spent forever in the kitchen and I'm once again behind on my dishes.

I decide to place an order with  I heard from 2 people recently that it is a good source for  bulk natural foods.  I ended up spending a couple hours looking through their website and comparing prices before deciding that their products seem like a good deal.  I placed a large order for everything from nuts and grains to fruit and beans.  At least I'll feel like some of my food storage has been restocked since I gave away almost everything that was refined & processed.

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