Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Search of Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Since I was out of town on Monday I didn't order my Bountiful Baskets for today. So I decided to check out the Farmer's Market & Fruit Stand in town.

Unfortunately both were a disappointment :(

I guess I just had too high of expectations. The last Farmer's Market I went to was years ago when we lived in Olympia, WA. There were tons of vendors and tons of selection. There were not many vendors at our farmer's market and not much selection. I did get a few things - cherries, onions & eggs so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

I remember stopping at Frei's Fruit Stand as a child when we were on vacation. I had high expectations and was expecting a lot more locally grown and organic produce. It was mainly the exact stuff you'd find in the grocery store shipped in from other states. There were a few locally grown items but not many. The prices were ok and the produce looked good. Perhaps I'll make a trip back when the fresh locally grown peaches are in stock.

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  1. I remember those as a child as well. We haven't made it out to many farmers market's in our area (shame on us) but my hubby has built a greenhouse in the backyard and the tomato plants are beginning to flower. yeah! Can't wait!