Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food Demo @ VSU

Tonight I attended a food demo put on by the Vegetarian Society of Utah.  As I've said before I'm not planning on becoming a complete vegan or vegetarian but I'm trying to feed my family more raw, whole foods so it seemed like a good place to get some ideas.

They demonstrated 7 different recipes - 5 of which were edible - 1 which I could have eaten if I was really hungry and 1 that would have taken a lot of effort to gag down.  3 of the recipes are ones that I will probably make here at home because I think I can get the kids to eat them.

Currently our diet is consisting of a lot of soup and stir fry.  I'm amazed at how many vegetables I can get everyone to eat by making vegetable soup or stir fry.  The only problem is I feel like all I do is cook and the dishes rarely get completely done...

Probably best of all was the lady I sat next to who was full of information and resources.  I also signed up for a health for life cooking class.  It is not food I would usually eat - but I'm hoping to learn a few new recipes and try some new foods that hopefully my family will eat.

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