Friday, June 17, 2011

Dr. Cindy Schneider

We took a road trip this week to Arizona for an appointment with Dr. Cindy Schneider.

Although our son has not been diagnosed with Autism there was no doubt from some blood work that we had done there were some definite nutritional deficiencies & metabolic abnormalities. We live in a small town and I've been frustrated by the lack of answers that have been available.  I've been doing my best based on the research I've done to help our son but as he is always telling me I'm not a doctor and I don't know everything.  Although I knew we were headed in the right direction I was still shooting in the dark.

A friend recommended we make an appointment with Dr. Schneider. I figured we didn't have anything to loose other than the cost of the trip and appointment and had much to gain. Although her practice focuses mainly on children with Autism she practices Nutritional Intervention which is what I was looking for.

I absolutely loved Dr. Schneider. She was fabulous and so knowledgeable. While I love our current pediatrician, he was clueless as to what some of the abnormalities in lab work meant. Dr. Schneider on the other hand knew exactly what it meant and how to help, it's after all her specialty.

The 2 hour appointment went by way too quickly but we left armed with new information and knowledge.  There are 2 more labs we're waiting on results and then we have a follow up in a couple weeks.


  1. Hello,

    My daughter found Dr. Schneider referenced in a book and took my grandson to see her. Remarkable doctor! Through results of blood tests they determined what was the cause of his severe inability to focus, concentrate, etc. Now after following a complete change in diet (no gluten, dairy, limited sugar) he is a new and happy kid who achieved almost straight A's on his final report card (3rd grade). I live in another state and hadn't seen him in almost a year. I was shocked by just how his skin color had changed in that time-when I had seen him last his color was almost grayish, with dark circles around his eye. When I saw him this year his skin was bright, pink and healthy looking! I can't be more pleased with the treatment my grandson has received and wished every child had the ability to see her.

    Best wishes for an equally successful experience for your child!
    Jane Tuckett, Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Thanks Jane,
    She is amazing. I wish more doctors had at least a fraction of her knowledge!