Sunday, May 15, 2011

Word of Wisdom Do's & Don'ts

In my what seems to be never ending quest to learn more about health, nutrition and disease today's google search was a "diet based on the word of wisdom". I came across some really interesting discussions and information. The Word of Wisdom: The Forgotten Verses. For most of my life obeying the word of wisdom has simply been the don'ts - no coffee, no tea, no tobacco, no drugs, etc. I've never really focused on the Do's of the Word of Wisdom as part of obeying the word of wisdom.

There has been quite a learning curve in the past month in our house. Due to the never ending contradictory amount of information it's hard to know what to do. We've tried to follow Dr. Mercola's nutrition plan but here is my problem with his plan - meat is most definitely not used "sparingly" in his plan - it is used at every meal which seems to be in direct contradiction to the word of wisdom. We've looked into Gluten Free and Casein Free Diets. I have concluded that cutting out milk, especially pasteurized milk is a wise choice for us. But can't seem to wrap my mind around needing to give up wheat because it is specifically mentioned in the Word of Wisdom as being for man. I am really stumped on this one because much of the research being done suggests the need to give up gluten for gut healing. For now it's not a "staple" in our diet but we are still eating some wheat just much less than we typically eat and it's all fresh ground whole wheat.

Here are some quotes that I've been thinking about:

President Heber J. Grant stated, "I think that another reason I have very splendid strength for an old man is that during the years we have had a cafeteria... I have not, with exception of not more than a dozen times, ordered meat of any kind. ...I have endeavored to live the Word of Wisdom and that, in my opinion, is one reason for my good health." (Conference Report, April 1937, p. 15)

Gordon B. Hinckley, admonished, "We must observe the Word of Wisdom. As we read our newspapers, as we watch the television news, these remarkable words first spoken in 1833 come to life before our very eyes...People are becoming more health conscious. We have a running start on the world, a code so simple and easily understood." (Ensign, November 1997, pg. 69)

Here is my conclusion for the day.... moderation in all things. No we are not going completely vegetarian but we are going to eat meat much more sparingly than we have. I'm trying to keep our diet as close to a natural state as I possibly can - eating foods the way God created them instead of how man has altered and refined them. My library book requests today were all for books on Living the Word of Wisdom.

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