Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rough Start - Great Finish

Despite the fact that this morning my son stubbornly refused to take any vitamins, minerals or supplements today was a great day.  Why? Because he refused to take anything a sure sign that he is back to being a typical teenager who thinks his mother doesn't know a thing.
Nothing I said would convince him that he needed to take his vitamins and supplements. I was so frustrated. My husband brought it into perspective by asking if it would really matter if he missed one day. Well I guess not... but he's been doing so well I didn't want to change anything we've been doing but it really wasn't worth the power struggle so I backed off.

By the end of the day he ended up willing taking his vitamins. Why? Because he wanted me to make spaghetti for dinner. So we made a deal - he took his supplements and agreed to do so all week without complaint and I made spaghetti for dinner. Don't tell him but I think I got the better end of the deal.

Another reason why today was a great day... I can't tell you the last time my son took a nap except for the times he was turned into a zombie from his medication. My other teenage son takes naps all the time but my oldest never has. My oldest son came home from church today and went to lay in bed while I was making lunch. It was 3 hours later before he emerged. And he's already in bed tonight. Seriously sleep or the lack of it has been such a huge stress around here it is such a blessing to have getting sleep.

Another positive thing - My son has never liked to be touched. Our youngest daughter is the only person he usually willing lets give him a hug - probably because she's the "baby". It's been hard on our other daughter because he seems to play favorites with our youngest. The past week he's given our oldest daughter a hug each night at bedtime when she asks for one. Tonight she asked for a hug and he gave her one along with a kiss on the cheek. Silly to have such a simple thing bring tears to my eyes but it did. Our oldest daughter had the hugest smile on her face. Another thing - backrubs. Who doesn't like to have their backrubbed or scratched? Our oldest son hasn't liked it for a long time, perhaps he liked it when he was younger but instead of relaxing him it has just annoyed him. But that too has changed, he now willingly accepts an invitation for a back scratch.

I feel a lot like the story of the frog in boiling water. I just kept swimming around not realizing the water was boiling and thing were not well. But hindsight is 20/20 and when you are living with something you don't understand it is hard to know that something isn't right. I'm so amazed what a change in diet and some vitamin & mineral supplements have done.

Here is an interesting thing from Our son's blood work. When we got the bloodwork back I feared his Vitamin D level would be too high. We had been supplementing him with 5,000 IUs which is more than double the recommended daily limit. But our research had lead us to believe he was Vitamin D deficient. When his blood work came back his Vitamin D levels were half what they should be. I have no clue how low they were a couple months back but I'm sure they were way too low and much of what he suffered was due to his deficiency in Vitamin D as well as I'm sure deficiencies in several other vitamins & minerals. After talking to a specialist at the U of U the pediatrician is going to rerun all the bloodwork next month along with a couple additional tests. It will be interesting to see what has changed.

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