Monday, May 23, 2011

Moderation & Focusing on Progress not Perfection

Moderation in all things.

Progress not perfection.

Those are the things I keep telling myself.

I've spent so much time lately researching health and nutrition and have found myself so overwhelmed and honestly quite confused. Everything I read is often so convincing but in direct contradiction with the convincing thing I had just read.

What perplexes me more than anything currently is grain and meat.

Good or Bad?

I have a friend with celiac's disease so for her obviously most grains are bad. But what about for the average person. Much of what I've read says that grain is not good at all if it has been refined which I totally believe but much of what I read also say it's not good for most people. Yet the Word of Wisdom calls it the Staff of Life so how to reconcile that?

And meat - how to define sparingly? I've read books on vegetarianism and books on the Paleo diet which are totally opposites and yet they both make perfect sense to me.  But they both seem to contradict the word of wisdom in my opinion. There is nothing sparingly about eating meat at every meal and the Word of Wisdom clearly states that there are times to eat meat.

So for now I've just had to go back to the saying Moderation In All Things since I can't come to a decision that makes sense to me other than that.

I'm trying hard to focus on our progress instead of being such a perfectionist.  We are eating much healthier than we were 2 months ago.  We are making progress and I'm trying to look at the good instead of all that is still lacking.  But honestly it is all so overwhelming to me it is quite frustrating to me right now.

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